Eskifjordur is a small fjord coming out of an bigger one called Reydarfjordur

In Reydarfjordur there is a Wartime museum

During WWII around 3000 Allied soldiers – about 10 times the local population – were based in Reyðarfjörður. At the top end of Heiðarvegur you’ll find the Icelandic Wartime Museum , which details these strange few years. The building is surrounded by mines, Jeeps and aeroplane propellers, and holds other war relics. Photographs and tableaux provide a good background to Iceland’s wartime involvement. The museum is tucked behind a rusting set of army barracks, built as part of a hospital camp in 1943 but never used for that purpose. No Icelanders actually fought in World War II; however, many locals were killed at sea bringing large shipments of fish over to the UK.

From Eskifjordur there is an option to drive over to Vadlavik bay (by 4×4 jeep only)