Hólmanes was declared protected in 1973 because of its diverse and beautiful nature. Over 150 species of vegetation have been found there and many of wich are characteristic for East Iceland. Bird life in Hólmanes is also very rich and sea birds, wading birds, moa’s, ducks and geese have their habitat in the area. Mt.Hólmatindur (985m), a very scenic and steep mountain, reigns over Hólmanes giving it a even more special appearance.

On the north shore of Reyðarfjörður fjord, at the peninsula jutting out from the towering mount Hólmatindur, stand two low peaks – cooled lava intrusions – called Hólmaborgir.
This peninsula is preserved for public recreation and a refuge, partly because of its shoreline attracting both children and grownups, along with plenty of eider ducks nesting in May and June. Please watch or walk by them quietly.


hólmatindur hólmanes hólmi eskifirði eskifjörður


Photo: Atli Börkur

Seen from out on the fjord, Holmanes and Holmatindur in the middle, Eskifjordur on the right (Photo: Atli Börkur)

Interested in hiking around Holmanes, see the hiking info here
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